Photographs From My Walks in Port St. Lucie & Vero Beach, Florida
A.H.Wessel - ahw41(at)
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New_Big Sky Big Cloud_gs New_Blue Heron Back Fence_x New_Bougainvillea 01 New_Cardinal M Immature_sm New_Cloud_2gs
New_Big Sky Big Cloud_gs.jpg New_Blue Heron Back Fence_x.jpg New_Bougainvillea 01.jpg New_Cardinal M Immature_sm.jpg New_Cloud_2gs.jpg
New_Clouds Light Water 01 New_Cluster of Palms_gs New_Coconut Old New_Cypress Knee Cluster New_Cypress Knee Profile
New_Clouds Light Water 01.jpg New_Cluster of Palms_gs.jpg New_Coconut Old.jpg New_Cypress Knee Cluster.jpg New_Cypress Knee Profile.jpg
New_DecayingPalm 02 New_Enclosure Rain New_Enigma 02 New_Enigma 03 New_Fallen Palms
New_DecayingPalm 02.jpg New_Enclosure Rain.jpg New_Enigma 02.jpg New_Enigma 03.jpg New_Fallen Palms.jpg
New_Fire Bush & Bee 01 New_For Morton Feldman New_For Saul Steinberg (ST) New_Front - Back 01 New_Gallinule Wstk
New_Fire Bush & Bee 01.jpg New_For Morton Feldman.jpg New_For Saul Steinberg (ST).jpg New_Front - Back 01.jpg New_Gallinule Wstk.jpg