Photographs From - Port St. Lucie & Vero Beach, Fla
A.H.Wessel - ahw41(at) - 10/20/2022
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New_Heron - Tri Color Stalking New_House Finch (fem) New_Lagoon Bridge View New_Large Lily Pads New_Large Oak Tree
New_Heron - Tri Color Stalking.jpg New_House Finch (fem).jpg New_Lagoon Bridge View.jpg New_Large Lily Pads.jpg New_Large Oak Tree.jpg
New_Leaves Of Grass New_Light Dancing New_Lines Narrow & Wide New_Milkweed Blossom New_Mold Growth 01
New_Leaves Of Grass.jpg New_Light Dancing.jpg New_Lines Narrow & Wide.jpg New_Milkweed Blossom.jpg New_Mold Growth 01.jpg
New_Mossy Tree New_Moving Water 12 New_Moving Water 13 New_Naked Cypress 01 New_Naked Shrub
New_Mossy Tree.jpg New_Moving Water 12.jpg New_Moving Water 13.jpg New_Naked Cypress 01.jpg New_Naked Shrub.jpg
New_Neighbor'sTree New_Oak Bark New_Oak Bark 03 New_Oak Grove Wstk New_Oak Tree Trunk
New_Neighbor'sTree.jpg New_Oak Bark .jpg New_Oak Bark 03.jpg New_Oak Grove Wstk.jpg New_Oak Tree Trunk.jpg
New_Odd Cloud New_Odd Object New_Once New_Overgrowth - Vets New_PSL LS 097
New_Odd Cloud.jpg New_Odd Object.jpg New_Once.jpg New_Overgrowth - Vets.jpg New_PSL LS 097 .jpg
New_PSL LS 100 New_PSL LS 101 New_PSL LS 102 New_PSL LS 98 New_Pale Blue Sqr
New_PSL LS 100.jpg New_PSL LS 101.jpg New_PSL LS 102.jpg New_PSL LS 98 .jpg New_Pale Blue Sqr.jpg